Birthday Parties

I can provide a number of themed party activities to provide entertainment on your child's special day. Pick from one of the following themes or mix and match activities to suit your child's interests. Additional crafts, hunts and activities can also be provided.

If there is a theme that you are interested in that is not covered below please do get in touch to discuss options as I am happy to tailor birthday parties wherever possible.



Teddy Bears' Picnic

Activities can include:

- Mixing porridge play dough.

- Making a bear mask.

- Going on a bear hunt.

- Eating like a bear.

- Bug hunting.


Witches and Wizards

Activities can include:

- Mixing up magical potions.

- Creating tree faces.

- Making a magic wand.

- Creating a fairy or dragon craft.

- Designing and making an elf/fairy home.


Nature Explorer

Activities can include:

- Going on a rainbow hunt.

- Making a journey stick.

- Bug hunting.

- Making natural art.

- Creating a sun catcher.


History Detective

Activities can include:

- Making a braclet by weaving or lucet knitting.

- Historical toys and games.

- Making a clay pot.

- Making a Viking brooch.

- Grinding corn with a quern stone.

- Making and testing mini catapults.

- Making a lance and doing a jousting obstacle course.